Imaging USA Day 1

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Today I learned things. I learned that clients are made not found, meaning they aren't just going to drop in your lap. I also learned that it's going to take me longer than an hour keynote speech to optimize my brain power. I'd tell you about it but I can't remember what was talked about. I also learned that my back pain is being caused by my leg muscles need to be stretched more than they are. That didn't come from a photography class but from a random stranger that started up a conversation with me.

Oh, and I learned that I still can't find my way around this place without taking a wrong turn. On one of my wrong turns I found an arcade with a crane machine with hundreds of rubber ducks. And then, on the way to my room I found another arcade with a wall sized Pac-Man after one more wrong turn.

Tonight was the opening party for the convention and it proved to me that I truly am an introvert. I was only standing at one of the standing tables minding my own business enjoying a way overpriced drink when a one person came over and asked to share. Not long after I welcomed the stranger to my table a couple came over to join us. And more guy joined the little group of strangers. I managed the small talk for about 20 minutes and then I had to bail. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow I'm looking forward to the morning class with a husband and wife team who's work I really admire. I'll also be doing a mentor session to go over my next group of images to submit for the International Photographic Competition.

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