Imaging USA Day 2

So, the theme from all of the instructors I've listened to so for is "be yourself." I can do that, I've had 56 years of practice. They have all been very inspiring too. The charisma and excitement they have is very infectious.

This afternoon I had a meeting with a mentor to critique the images I had picked for the upcoming IPC, (International Photography Competition). Critiques are always a hard thing to go through and this one was hard to swallow. I agreed with everything he said but damn, I thought I did better. But, after I pouted for a bit I pulled the images he did like up in Photoshop and made the minor changes he suggested.

The last class I attended today was called, "How to Talk Dog". Lisa Asp is a successful pet photographer and I absolutely loved her presentation. I may have to consider giving pet photography a go. I love photography, I love dogs, and cats, and other furry critters so it seems like a good fit, right.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to take the CPP, certified professional photographer, exam. It's a two part test, first the written exam and then the technical image evaluation. I should really be studying right now instead of making words here, so ta ta for now.

Oh, and the pictures I'm included here have nothing to do with anything other than being what happened to catch my eye today.

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