Imaging USA Day 3

Today was focused on passing the CPP exam. All morning I reviewed the study guide while skipping the Photoshop classes that I originally had planned. I think I did pretty good, well at least I feel that way. I knew the answers, mostly, and I was the first one done. I hope that's a good sign. There were 100 questions and only a couple stumped me. I even went back through the whole test to double check my answers, only found two that I mis-circled the answer, (it was like taking an SAT test). I only need a score of 70% to pass the written portion, I think I'm good. The next phase of the certification is the practical part where I have to take and submit images made to the exact specifications of the testing requirements. I'll do that very soon.

After the exam I felt that I deserved a reward. It just so happened that there was a whiskey bar right across from my room, lucky me. To add to this milestone, Erik my bartender, helped me pick an excellent Kentucky bourbon. As it happened, I had more than one, I mean I was celebrating, right! This has been a great way to end the Imaging USA 2020 convention. There is a convention ending party taking place soon with food, drinks and dancing. I'll probably do the food and drinks but not the dancing, me dancing isn't a pretty thing.

Oh, and here is my bartender, Erik:

Also, here are a couple more images I thought were worth taking:

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