Staying at home?

Yes, that is a picture of a Lego figure and a Nintendo Switch controller. I took this while staying home with my grandson during the 'Stay home order' here in Indiana. I'm one of the lucky ones, or unlucky depending on how you look at it, that is considered essential to the supply chain so I'm still going into work while my wife is working from home. For the last few weeks she has been watching him since all schools have closed for the year and our daughter is also an essential worker, but once in awhile my wife has to go into work for the day or isn't able to devote the time needed that our grandson deserves while she is working from home. On those days I'm home with him.

Yesterday was one of Papa and Parker's day to quarantine together. He didn't have any e-learning due for the day so we played. There were Lego's, cardboard art, clay, BB gun target practice (no eyes were shot out) and video games. He's very creative and I wish I had his creativity but the best I could do was take a picture. In the days to come that it's my turn to be home with him I'm hoping to add more pictures to mark the day with a memory.

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