Tonight I attended a board breaking class with Master Chip Townsend at Star Martial Arts in Mishawaka. Before my class started two of my instructors broke a bat, a real, American made Louisville Slugger, it was very cool to watch...and photograph. I didn't have any lighting set up, no off camera flash or bright ambient light. All I did was boost my ISO much higher than I really like to do but that's what I had to do. The images I captured are grainy, or they have a lot of noise if I'm going to use the digital age term. know what? They validate me as a photographer. They aren't award winning, they could have used some extra lighting to help lower the digital noise but they did exactly what I hoped they would do. They captured the moment, they conveyed the energy of what was going on, they told a story. People liked them, people had positive things to say and I couldn't have asked for a better answer to my recurring question, "am I go good photographer?" Tonight, I feel like I am.

On a side note, Mr. and Mrs Morgan revealed the gender of their baby in a very unique way, glitter in the middle of a board. It was one of the highlights of the night. It's a girl if you didn't notice all the pink glitter.

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